Lobbying to Protect Medical Small Business Owners and Professionals in NH

Over the last few years, the A10 Associates team has been advocating for our clients in the medical spa industry. Establishing relationships with legislators who are looking to be well-informed about the issues allows everyone to have their voices heard.

The Ripple Effect of Relationships and Fueling Dreams

When it comes to fundraising, every dollar makes a difference towards positive change and the power of strategic relationships should never be overlooked. As a leading government and public relations firm, A10 Associates understands the impact that our network connections can achieve because we’ve seen the successes firsthand.

Powerful Opportunities Abound at the RLCC in Colorado Springs

Creating relationships with the individuals who represent each state in America is vital for the success of our government relations work at A10 Associates. One yearly event we attend is the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee (RLCC) which was held this year in Colorado Springs, CO.

A10 Secures Funding To Turn Clients’ Ambitions into Reality

At A10 Associates, our dedication to delivering tangible results for our clients sets us apart as a bipartisan lobbying firm. We take pride in our ability to make our clients’ goals become a reality, and our recent success in reopening a historic carousel pavilion exemplifies our commitment to achieving meaningful outcomes within a community.
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A10’s Expertise Leads to $1.5 Billion COVID Vaccination Contract for Client, Cementing Reputation as Healthcare Industry Partner

Our client, with a solid 30-year track record in FEMA and Disaster Relief, has secured a prestigious contract valued at over $1.5 billion.