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A10 Associates is the Nation’s largest woman-owned bipartisan lobbying firm with nearly 30 years of combined experience on Capitol Hill, in the White House, and across state governments nationwide.

A10 Associates is a government relations and strategic communications firm focused exclusively on transportation, infrastructure, work force development, communities, and healthcare

Capitalizing on the federal government’s fifteen-year trend of limiting earmarks and allocating loans and grants at the state and local levels, A10 Associates has cornered the market for finding clients government funding. We operate in over 30 states and support your organization’s policy goals and/or procurement procedures using a market-based approach.

Our strategic coverage enables clients to:

  • Generate profitable public-private partnerships throughout the country
  • Engage government at all levels
  • Strengthen public profiles
  • Take advantage of market opportunities
  • Be an effective voice

Using our policy knowledge, facilitation skills, procedural expertise, and more, A10 Associates will help you create your organization’s strategic plans and guide your policy initiatives into regulation, bill, or law.


Federal Government Affairs

Our team knows how to navigate political terrains and federal landscapes to find solutions that align your business needs with policy initiatives in Washington, D.C.. Traditional Capitol Hill lobbying practices don’t always work; but our unique approach gets proven results.

State and Local Government Affairs

A10 Associates favors a market-based approach to inform our clients’ national public affairs strategies and engage state and local decision makers nationwide. We have strong relationships with Governor’s offices and lawmakers in more than 30 states.


Economic Development Funding

We specialize in securing economic government funding, our services not only fuel business expansion and growth but also enhance community development, create job opportunities, and enable strategic relocations of headquarters for broader impact.

Grants & Tax Credits

Empowering businesses with grants and tax credits to fuel innovation and growth, our firm provides vital financial support and reduces tax burdens for sustainable development and competitive advantage.


Procurement Strategies

The A10 team develops procurement strategies that have successfully generating millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. We help identify and capture funding and secure government contracts at the municipal, state, and federal levels.

regulatory managment

Regulatory Management

Let us optimizing your business' success by navigating and refining regulatory landscapes. We ensure compliance while maximizing operational efficiency and strategic growth opportunities.

Government Related Due Diligence for Investors

As investors make determinations based on the increasing federal, state, and local funding opportunities, A10 Associates can vet potential investments and identify public records related to current government sales, registrations for sales, awards to date, market opportunities, and competitive analysis.

National Opportunity Monitoring and Engagement

A10 Associates, in partnership with a technology company, is now testing our own proprietary software to search national government databases to identify funding and legal opportunities at all levels of government. This technology is unapparelled compared to what is available on the market today.

Strat Comms Listening for Success

A10 Associates has invested heavily in media monitoring and analysis technology, providing regular reports to our clients that outline how they are being heard by target audiences. This allows clients to routinely measure and re-evaluate successes for future decision making.


The A10 Associates Policy Team



Government & Research

Delivering comprehensive government and market research to uncover opportunities, the A10 Associates team will guide your business with deep insights for informed decision-making and strategic positioning.

Message Development

Creating the correct messaging to achieve your outreach goals is crucial. Our team specializes in creating strategic communications plans that advance your business' objectives and guide your strategy.


Audience Targeting

Knowing the audience you seek to reach and what they want to hear is crucial for B2G and B2B outreach. We have the expertise to ensure all your strategic communications are perfectly crafted.


Content Creation

Crafting the essential content mosaic for your brand, including engaging blog posts and videos, dynamic social media, informative newsletters, white papers and more, all tailored to accomplish your business goals.


Media Relations

Fortifying your brand's presence through strategic media relations. We use expertly crafted pitches, press releases, op-eds, and more to secure impactful coverage and elevate your narrative.


Crisis Communications

Proactively designing crisis communication plans is paramount. We'll help you to manage information flow and mitigate issues before they escalate, safeguarding your brand's integrity and public perception.


Thought Leadership

Crafting a distinctive thought leadership identity through compelling talking points, insightful content, and more, positioning you as an authoritative voice that distinguishes your brand in the industry.


Website Management

Ensuring that your corporate website remains vibrant, secure, and consistently aligned with your brand ethos. Let us take care of the daily management tasks and timely updates for an optimal online presence.


Public Speaking & Awards

Amplifying corporate leadership and staff authority by showcasing their excellence. Let us arrange strategic public speaking engagements and prestigious award submissions for your team, building reputation and industry respect.

A10 Associates Provides the Following Services:

Leg & Reg

The A10 Associates team will guide your policy initiatives into regulation, bill or law.

Relationship Building

We establish early communication and foster robust relationships with key decision makers to support your organization’s policy goals and/or procurement procedures.

Intelligence Gathering

Our policy experts consistently filter data and insight to make informed decisions that will benefit your financial bottom line.

Coalition Building

Allow us to foster alliances by uniting diverse groups with shared goals, amplifying impact through collective effort for common objectives.

Project Management

The A10 team provides expert guidance through the RFP process, ensuring clarity, compliance, and competitive positioning from start to finish

Securing Local Partners

We recruit local business and advocacy partners, educating decision-makers to advance your organization's legislative goals effectively


A10 Associates supplements your company’s growth efforts by facilitating private sector sales so that immediate returns may be received.

Neutralize Opposition

We employ local partners to provide insights and offer strategic introductions that benefit your organization’s procurement strategy.

Strategy Creation

Our team crafts targeted strategies that align with clients' objectives and provides legislative opportunities for maximum impact and success


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