tracking tools

Understanding the Benefits of Tracking Tools 

Our CEO Jessica Tocco recently represented Fog Data Sciences supporting law enforcement on WRIC ABC Local Virginia television.

Fog Data Sciences purchases and aggregates location data from software applications on smartphones. In order to access this data, the phone must be turned on and its owner must have already consented to have their information collected and sold.

“Green” Products Sit in Landfills for Hundreds of Years: The Truth About PLA Products

“Green” products often leave consumers feeling better about their waste impact on the environment. However, what consumers do not realize is that this “green” product will sit in a landfill, unable to decompose right alongside those dreaded single-use plastics. A10’s…

Building Strong Relationships Results in Success in Client’s HQ State

A10 always encourages our clients to build strong relationships in its home state and with its local Congressional delegation because a strong relationship where a company is headquartered can be beneficial down the road. For example, in the case of…