A10 Associates Named to Bloomberg Government’s Top Lobbying Firms List 2023


Celebrating our inclusion in Bloomberg Government’s 9th Annual Top-Performing Lobbying Firms Report for the fifth consecutive year! This is a proud achievement and a milestone that marks our unwavering dedication to our clients in technology, transportation, and infrastructure. A10 Associates is proud of our commitment to bipartisan values and our continuous efforts to excel in a competitive industry.

A10 Associates Strives for More

As a proud women-owned and -operated lobbying firm, A10 Associates has always stood for more than just business. Our commitment to bipartisan values ensures that we advocate for policies that benefit all, not just a select few. This philosophy has been the cornerstone of our success and has guided us through every challenge and triumph.

Being named in both the Top-Performing and High-Performing Lobbying Firms of 2023 by Bloomberg Government is an honor that we hold dear. It’s a recognition not just of our firm’s success but of the trust and support of our clients, whose causes we champion every day.

Our Journey to Success

From our early beginnings, we have strived to set ourselves apart through innovative strategies and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Overcoming challenges has only made us stronger and more committed to our mission.

Our expertise spans critical sectors such as technology, transportation, and infrastructure. In these areas, we have not only advocated for but also helped shape policies that foster innovation, safety, and development. Our work in these sectors is reflective of our broader goals to support sustainable and inclusive growth.

Achieving More for Broader Impact

Through our efforts, we have seen significant achievements across the sectors we serve. From groundbreaking technology policies to advancements in transportation and infrastructure, our clients’ successes are what drive us forward. Each victory is a reminder of what we can achieve together.

The impact of our work extends beyond the immediate benefits for our clients. By influencing policy and industry trends, we contribute to a broader vision of progress and innovation. Our recognition on Bloomberg Government’s list highlights the importance of our role in these transformative efforts.

Special Thanks to the A10 Family

None of this would be possible without our dedicated team. Their commitment to our core values and their passion for advocacy are what make our success possible. We are a firm that believes in the power of teamwork and the importance of a shared vision. We also have great appreciation for our clients who have supported us.

Looking ahead, we are excited to expand our impact and continue our advocacy for bipartisan solutions. The challenges of tomorrow call for innovative approaches and steadfast dedication, qualities that define our firm and our approach to lobbying.

Our recognition on Bloomberg Government’s list for the fifth year is not just an honor; it’s a reminder of the difference we can make when we stay true to our values and our mission.

To access the full report, please visit Bloomberg Government’s website. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Top Bipartisan Lobbying Firms

  1. What makes your firm unique in the lobbying industry? A10 Associates sets itself apart through our women-led leadership and our unwavering commitment to bipartisan values. We leverage both government relations and strategic communications such as social media to maximize the impact of our advocacy efforts. Our innovative approaches and dedication to meaningful policy changes differentiate us in the competitive landscape of lobbying firms.
  2. How do you ensure bipartisan support for your initiatives? We ensure bipartisan support by focusing on policy areas that transcend political divisions, such as technology, transportation, infrastructure, and now sustainability. Our approach involves engaging stakeholders from all sides to understand their perspectives and find common ground. By communicating the broader benefits of our initiatives, such as economic growth, innovation, and community well-being, we build support across the political spectrum.
  3. Can you share a specific success story that highlights your firm’s impact? A notable example of our firm’s impact is our strategic success in navigating the MEPA Notice of Project Change for community housing. This complex regulatory challenge required not only an in-depth understanding of the legal landscape but also the ability to communicate effectively with various stakeholders, including the community, regulators, and our clients. Our strategic approach facilitated a smoother process for our client, demonstrating our ability to handle multifaceted issues and drive positive outcomes through effective advocacy and communication.
  4. What are the future areas of focus for your firm? Our team’s continued focus will be on technology, transportation, and infrastructure. Additionally, we are dedicated to building strong networks that enhance our advocacy efforts and provide our clients with comprehensive support in navigating the complex policy landscape.
  5. How can potential clients engage with your firm? Potential clients can engage with us here on our website, where they can learn more about our services, success stories, and team. We encourage interested parties to reach out directly via our contact form or call Chief Operating Office Jessica Tocco to discuss a consultation. Our team is always ready to discuss how we can support new clients in achieving their policy objectives and navigating the complexities of government advocacy.