A10 News & Success Stories

Arizona Politicians Plug into the Future of EV Charging Solutions

A10 Associates has been instrumental in supporting an EV charging solutions company in its efforts to promote sustainable transportation solutions through the global deployment and operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Thanks to A10’s help, the company has been able…

SmartCTY Technologies merges with TrafficLand as a new innovative traffic technology platform

As a single company, SmartCTY Technologies and TrafficLand will now be able to provide state and federal transportation authorities with the low-cost tools they need to make data-driven decisions that will boost traffic flow and cut carbon emissions.

EdgeEnergy welcomes Congressman Landsman for a Discussion on EV Charging Infrastructure

EdgeEnergy, an innovative energy conversion technology startup that is making EV charging more accessible, hosted Rep. Greg Landsman (OH-1) to discuss infrastructure and the future of EV charging. EdgeEnergy develops and produces phase converter technology that enables DC fast chargers to…