Women Empowerment: How A10 Associates Not Only Is Dominating In Their Industry, But Empowering Other Women To Succeed

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A10 Associates is the largest women-owned lobbying firm in terms of revenue and clients. We are happy to lead the industry and set the standards and goals for many other women in our field. In the ever-evolving political landscape, A10 Associates is a standout firm for its continued success and the strength of our strategic team. As one of the most prominent women-owned firms, it is not only our political accomplishments and achievements that we are proud of; we are also proud of the voice we are given and our ability to provide other women with the strength and platforms to ensure their voices would be heard and celebrated as well. We are so happy to be able to work with, support, and empower women entrepreneurs, government officials, and any woman toward becoming her best self in her career or life.  

Supporting Women Governors:  

At A10 Associates, we are happy to support female Governors from both sides of the aisle. Being a bipartisan firm, we pride ourselves on fostering diversity and working with both sides to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients and everyone who would be positively affected by our efforts. A10 Associates specifically understands what women can bring to the table, and we are always grateful for any chance to strategize and collaborate with women Governors across the nation! Through support, advocacy, and investments, we are so happy for the support we can provide women Governors. A10 Associates feel honored to invest financially in the great work our Governors provide for their constituents.   

Empowering Women in Politics:   

A10 Associates actively engages in initiatives that encourage and support women in their journey through entering and earning roles in government. A10 Associates finds it necessary to help and support what has been a male-dominated field for so long and help to empower. Through advocacy, financial investment, and contributing to groups that allow women to succeed, A10 associates engage in any way roles.   

The S.H.E. Program:  

A10 Associate C.E.O. Jessica Tocco is a chairwoman of a nonprofit that focuses on lifting families and individuals out of deep poverty. One of A10 Associates’ favorite ways to be able to support and empower and support women is by helping the S.H.E. Initiative. The S.H.E. Initiative offers support, healing, and empowerment to women struggling with financial barriers and lifts them out of poverty. By providing financial investments, A10 Associates can affect individual women’s lives and help create a narrative and platform that women need to be invested in and that, with support, women can achieve anything they set their minds to. A10 Associates supporting them is such an incredible way to be able to uplift others.  

Honored and Reflecting:   

As A10 Associates approaches the end of the year, we want to express our gratitude for having the opportunity to meet and engage with so many resilient and empowering women. A10 Associates is honored to pave a pathway for women to step into leadership roles and how, when women support women, the opportunities and success are endless. Through mentorship, strategic investments, and empowerment, A10 Associates creates a legacy of success, equity, and support.

We look forward to more partnerships with strong women in 2024 and will continue to reach both sides of the aisle to create positive outcomes.