Building Bridges to Success: How A10 Associates Can Elevate Your Political Goals in Washington D.C.


When looking to create a political presence, Washington D.C. can be considered the most influential city to engage in. D.C. is a city overcome with political and economic opportunities, but it can also be daunting for newcomers and even established businesses to get in the door. A10 Associates is an incredible resource and champion when your organization is looking to get in the door, and we are so excited to help you throughout the process!   

Networking Matters 

A10 Associates understands the importance of networking and has created a formula of success in ensuring our clients succeed in their efforts to create and sustain meaningful partnerships in Washington. Our team acknowledges that success goes hand in hand with who you know, what you know, and how effectively you can bring the two together.  

The A10 Associates team has years of experience combined, and our networking skills and ability to establish and maintain connections with key players in various industries are invaluable. A10 Associates also recognizes the importance of participating and encouraging bipartisan work and relationships. A10 Associates values and understands the importance of bipartisan engagement and has been very successful in our efforts to work and unite both sides of the aisle to provide clients with the best opportunity for success and to help connect them with legislators and political figures who may be interested and invested in the work your organization is passionate about.  

Custom-Tailored Service  

Every client is unique, and A10 Associates recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach does not equate to success for all. A10 Associates takes the time to understand each client’s specific needs and goals, creating personalized strategies that maximize their chances of success. Whether breaking into a new market, securing government contracts, and funding, or helping expand your network and reach, A10 Associates tailors our approach to each client’s ambitions.   

A10 Associates does not just stop at introductions; we also help our clients create an impression in the public eye. Alongside our government affairs services, A10 Associates offers PR and marketing efforts that have proven significant in positioning our clients as leaders in their respective industries and to their competitors.  

Beyond Basic Networking 

Washington, D.C., is critical for businesses and companies alike. Still, they must understand and be able to navigate the political nuances and how to advocate for their business and their goals. A10 Associates understands that there is not always time or bandwidth for an organization to manage this independently, and we work to handle the details that are often overwhelming but necessary for political success.  

From business conferences to networking dinners and more, A10 Associates have leveraged our event planning and connections to introduce our clients to like-minded individuals and create potential opportunities for funding or visibility.  

A10 Associates successfully creates and maintains connections for clients in Washington, D.C., with consideration on the importance of building relationships. A10 Associates has proven to be a true champion for our clients, creating opportunities and securing numerous meetings and funding through our connections. Hiring A10 Associates to assist is a strategic decision that significantly benefits your company. Our experienced team can offer expertise, access, and advocacy skills that can protect and promote your interests in the ever-evolving political landscape. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in achieving your goals. Reach out to CEO Jessica Tocco at [email protected]