Wrapping up 2023 with Appreciation: A10 Associates Expresses Gratitude for Another Successful Year


As the end of the year approaches, A10 Associates wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on some of our favorite milestones and successes that have helped shape and define who and what A10 Associates has done throughout our time in 2023. Through our 2023 journey, A10 Associates has experienced many outstanding accomplishments, growth, and revitalizing moments that have guided us. These moments and events have excited us about how to serve and assist our clients. We are so excited to share some of our favorite moments, and we ask you to read along as we recap our year and the incredible experiences and opportunities that have helped shape and drive us this year.

Business Success: 

A10 Associates has been through several changes and expansions over 2023, for which we are so grateful, but what we are most proud of this year is our efforts that have led us to another successful year as the largest women-owned lobbying firm in terms of staff, clients, and revenue! Keeping this title was an achievement we are honored to maintain, and we were thrilled to have added several new members to the team who have been integral to A10’s success and continued growth of A10 Associates. Our new hires were not only able to bring fresh perspectives and skills to our team and we are so grateful for their contributions to our company’s success in helping us to expand who we can service and assist. Growing is always a privilege, and having new clients added to the A10 Associates family this year has been incredible. We were so happy to be able to attract and secure new clients working towards tremendous success within transportation, infrastructure, and technology spaces.

Legislative Success:

A10 Associates is proud of its internal success and ability to navigate challenges and successes for our clients within the legislative agendas. A10 Associates successfully secured, defended, achieved, and participated in financial, monumental, and triumphant victories surrounding infrastructure, transportation, and technology. We have been successful in navigating challenges and in protecting our client’s interests and goals time and time again. The continued support and relationships we have built at A10 Associates have been a testament to our dedication and expertise.

  • A10 Associates has secured millions in funding for our clients through grants, loans, and incentives.
  • A10 has successfully persuaded legislators to vote in favor of what our clients are advocating for whether it be to oppose or support a bill.
  • A10 has been able to secure meetings and valuable face time with several legislators and officials through our connections.
  • A10 has continuously met with governors from both sides of the aisle through events, dinners, and client meetings in 2023.


At A10 Associates, we are not only thankful for our legislative successes but for our success as a team. A10 Associates has staff in several states, and leveraging our time to get together is critical to our internal and external success. Spending time together and realigning our priorities and client efforts is vital. This year, our trip to Key Biscayne and Indiana was incredible for us to connect, and we were also so grateful to have clients join us on both trips and spend time with the A10 family. Our trips are not just for strategic efforts but for connecting and spending time as a group. A10 Associates values a personal touch, which is just as important as our political and professional efforts.

Client-Centered Engagement: 

We are so grateful for the past year, and we were able to take to the roads and the skies for our travel this year. A10 Associates was nationwide and international in our efforts to support and assist our clients. From attending client events and engaging in speaking engagements to being able to collaborate and meet with legislators and their offices, we remained dedicated to advocating for our clients’ interests. Our commitment to exceptional client services has been unwavering regardless of location.


Looking ahead, A10 Associates is composed and excited for an exciting year ahead. With new hires, legislative victories, financial successes, and a rejuvenated team, we are well-prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead! A10 Associates is excited to leverage our expertise in the upcoming presidential election, and we look forward to providing unparalleled support to our clients as we navigate the political landscape and continue to advocate for their interests.

As we look forward to the new year, A10 Associates is ready for a charged year of politics, continued commitment to our clients, and providing them with excellence. Our passion for our firm and each other will continue to drive us forward. We hope that if you have not already chosen A10 Associates as your firm, you will consider us and choose success for yourself and your company. We are looking forward to another year of achievement and being a trailblazing firm that is client-centered. We also wish our clients, colleagues, future clients, and friends a refreshing and safe new year and look forward to connecting in 2024.