Understanding the Benefits of Tracking Tools 

tracking tools

A10 Associates provided Crisis PR for a client protecting women and children. Our CEO Jessica Tocco recently represented Fog Data Sciences supporting law enforcement on WRIC ABC Local Virginia television.

Fog Data Sciences uses commercially available data to help find women and children in conjunction with the National Child Protection Task Force. Jess Tocco serves as a spokesperson for this organization, helping them support law enforcement and protect those in need. Although the product and technology has been frequently mischaracterized by data privacy groups, Tocco clarifies the legal requirements for using such technology and helps the public understand the importance of this resource for law enforcement.

This information can be used by local police departments to solve crimes. This data does not provide real-time location nor does it provide any personal identifying information, however, it can indicate if someone was in a certain location at a certain time such as a specific crime scene. This kind of information can help determine if someone was a witness to a crime.

Please click on the link below to hear the full interview or read the article.

Tracking tool collecting location data for use by marketing firms, law enforcement, including Virginia State Police | WRIC ABC 8News