Helping Those Who Help Others

a10 associates success story vaccine ppe supplier

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) programs work to provide equitable health care to people who are geographically isolated and economically or medically vulnerable. Tens of millions of Americans receive quality, affordable health care and other services through HRSA’s many programs and grants.

During the COVID pandemic, our client jumped in to help their community by providing vaccines, tests, monoclonal treatments, and personal protective equipment to those in need. However, due to government gridlock, HRSA funding was shut down and the company was left in the lurch.

A10 stepped in to aid our client and tirelessly worked with our Congressional delegations, the Administration, and HRSA to get our client reimbursed for their services to the poor and underserved populations during COVID. To date, we have recovered almost $20 million for our client that they were owed from their service during the COVID pandemic, and we continue to help them to negotiate to recover funds they are owed at the state and federal levels.