Subject Matter Expert: UAP Legislation

UAP legislation

In May of 2022, A10 Associates was honored to have aided in bringing clients to the first congressional committee public hearing on UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) since 1966. A10 played a critical role earlier in 2022 at the nation’s capital while working on the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which now requires the military to establish a permanent UFO research office and take a series of steps to collect and investigate reports of UAPs.

The subject of UAPs and UFOs have long carried a negative stigma which A10 and our client have fought to overcome. In January of 2023, our CEO Jessica Tocco was featured on the History Chanel’s Ancient Aliens Season 19 as a subject matter expert on this historical legislation.

Please go to the History Channel website for an opportunity to view this episode of Ancient Aliens.

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