Recognizing The Importance of Flight Dispatchers


A10’s client, Flamingo Air, is the largest flight dispatcher school in the world. The company also has a flight training school. Flamingo Air students are so in demand that recruiters come to graduation to hire students on the spot. For many years, states would allow workforce training reimbursements for Flamingo Air students for the flight dispatcher school. However, states abruptly stopped accepting the reimbursement claiming that flight dispatchers were not an in-demand job.

A10 worked with state governments to highlight that flight dispatchers are, in fact, an in-demand job. Congress is so concerned about the lack of flight dispatchers it is holding Congressional hearings on the matter. In our meetings with officials in different states, A10 and Flamingo Air were able to provide data highlighting the need for training reimbursement.

Through our vast experience working across state governments, A10 successfully worked with states to change their policy to again begin accepting Flamingo Air’s applications, resulting in more students being able to move on to a well-paying career.