A Successful Litter Solution for Missouri


The sign of a successful state-run program is when another state mimics the same program in its state. As our client Interstate Business Solutions (IBS) has shown Indiana and other partners, a clean highway without litter and debris improves the appearance and presents a pleasant environment to residents and tourists.

Following the success of Indiana’s partnership with IBS, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) was interested in setting up a similar program. A10 worked with its contacts in Missouri to present IBS as a solution to its litter and debris problem, which was negatively impacting the local communities. As in Indiana and other states, A10 highlighted IBS’ work with individuals experiencing employment challenges when leaving a correctional setting. IBS’s commitment to these individuals by paying them a wage double the minimum wage and providing other employment skills was an added benefit that interested Missouri.

MODOT issued a Request for Procurement (RFP) for Kansas City district litter collection, and A10 and IBS worked on submitting a response that would showcase the true scope of the company’s debris solutions. After submitting a response, IBS was awarded a contract from MODOT to provide litter removal along the highway and interstate. IBS soon started to hire local employees and contractors necessary to fulfill its responsibilities.

A10 is proud to assist IBS and our other clients in expanding into a new market that grows their bottom lines, all while providing essential services to state governments.