Development Grant Restores Historical Importance of Downtown

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A10 Associates is a big believer in philanthropy and assisting nonprofits on their goals. A10’s knowledge and history of identifying grant funding for our clients has led many to complete projects they never thought possible. Through our many years of assisting clients of all sizes through grant applications, A10 has developed the blueprint needed to grow our clients’ brand and bottom line.

One of A10’s clients is a nonprofit association whose mission is to help its local community prosper by promoting economic development. Like many towns in Massachusetts, Salisbury has fallen on hard times. Salisbury was once a thriving vacation spot visited by people across the country, and the main tourist attraction in the beach community was the historic carousel. However, the original carousel was sold off in the 1970s, and since then, Salisbury has been missing not only a source of civic pride, but also a regional tourism destination. Our client’s mission is to return the historic carousel to its rightful place in downtown Salisbury.

A10 identified a six-figure Massachusetts grant that would allow our client to partially fund the construction of a new pavilion to house the new historic carousel, which will help bring back economic development to the community. A10 worked with our client to write and organize support for the grant. A10’s client was ultimately successful in obtaining a grant to help fund the project. A10 is extremely proud that our work will result in a new carousel which will increase economic development in the community and encourage old and new visitors to return to Salisbury to experience old memories and create new ones.