Navigating Complex Local Regulations to Achieve Client Success 

Massachusetts Legal System Concept

In the world of lobbying, accomplishments are often gauged by the obstacles you overcome. A10 Associates recently embarked on a mission for one client that involved navigating the intricacies of the Massachusetts Liquor Control Act, M.G.L. c. 138. The goal was securing a coveted Wine and Malt Beverage license, a process that requires careful coordination with the Massachusetts Alcohol Beverage Control Commission (ABCC). 


Turning Challenges into Opportunities 

For our client, this undertaking loomed as “their biggest and most concerning hurdle.” However, at A10 Associates, we view such challenges as opportunities to demonstrate our expertise. In this case, it was our navigational knowledge of the web of Massachusetts laws, rules, and regulations. 

In Boston, Pouring Licenses are a scarce commodity and very few are available. But our team was up to the challenge and crafted a compelling case for granting this license that underscored the tangible need as well as the undeniable benefits for the community. 


Precision in Advocacy 

The A10 Associates team began with an exploration of our client’s business operations and funding structure. Armed with this information, we strategically positioned our client for an expedited permitting process, ensuring minimal delays and maintaining an efficient process. Precision and accuracy are paramount when it comes to securing regulatory approvals from the ABCC and there’s no room for failure.   


Delivering Success 

Time was of the essence, and we were able to secure the license by the tight deadline provided. At A10 Associates, every challenge is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our expertise, and every success is a shared triumph with our clients. 

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