Leading the Way in Legislative Success for Environmental Technology Clients


In today’s rapidly evolving world, the intersection of technology, transportation, and infrastructure is where innovation and sustainability meet. At A10 Associates, a bipartisan lobbying firm, we’ve had the privilege of working with clients who are committed to making a difference in these crucial sectors. One recent success story showcases not only our dedication but also the transformative power of legislative advocacy.


Environmental Technology and the Circular Economy

One of our valued clients has been at the forefront of the circular economy movement, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to sustainability. They’ve devised groundbreaking technology to address a critical issue—what to do with decommissioned wind turbines that often languish in empty fields across the country.

Imagine countless wind turbine blades, once symbols of clean energy, sitting idle for years. Our client has found an innovative solution: they shred these turbine blades down into reclaimed glass fiber, breathing new life into materials that would otherwise go to waste.

But their commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there. This client also focuses on lifesaving technology, including school doors fortified with exclusive graphene flakes. It’s technology that has the potential to safeguard lives, but ensuring its widespread adoption in schools required navigating the complex world of legislation.


A10 Associates: Bridging the Gap

Successfully introducing lifesaving technology into schools and implementing environmentally responsible practices isn’t something that happens overnight. It demands a strategic approach and an understanding of the legislative landscape. This is where A10 Associates comes into play.

By closely tracking relevant legislation and proactively engaging with the appropriate government agencies, our client achieved a monumental feat. Their technology now graces schools across America, ensuring the safety of countless students.

A10 Associates played a pivotal role in this journey, connecting our client with local, state, and federal legislators who recognized the importance of their innovations. Our team specializes in crafting strategic recommendations that facilitate engaging conversations with the government, a crucial step in achieving legislative success.


Preventing Disasters Through Proactive Engagement

Our client’s project may be niche, but the principles behind our approach apply broadly. At A10 Associates, we believe in anticipating challenges and working proactively to prevent disasters. By building strategic partnerships with the government, we enable businesses to navigate the legislative landscape successfully.

In a world where technology and sustainability are intertwined, A10 Associates is your trusted partner in advocacy and legislative success. We’re passionate about making a difference in technology, transportation, and infrastructure, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

Let’s work together to shape a better future, one legislative victory at a time. A10 Associates: Advocacy that drives innovation and sustainability.