Building Networks for Southern U.S. State Delegation



Over the course of the last decade, our client has undertaken several institutional reforms aimed at modernizing the economy and improving the business environment. The United States continues to seek out foreign direct investment. The state ambassador’s first trip to Boston was directed towards strengthening political relationships and securing foreign direct investment from major businesses operating in Massachusetts.

Our Work

With boots on the ground in states across the country, our experts are in tune with what motivates stakeholders nationwide. They know how to market to their interests. We weigh our clients’ goals against overall market potential to deliver actionable recommendations that have proven to achieve success all levels of government.

The A10 Associates team’s expertise in government marketing overseas enabled us to ensure our clients message resonate across policy arenas nationwide and around the globe. Our public affairs experts generate political incentive and employ carefully curated strategies to inform public discussion.


Following the trip, several investors visited and committed resources to develop the nation of the state. Travel and strategic relationships between Massachusetts and the country continue to increase, and we are consistently looking for ways to replicate this model in other states throughout the nation.

Our bipartisan network of experts knows how to identify and engage key stakeholders across state, municipal, federal and international arenas and deliver winning results for our clients.