A10 Achieves Results for Our Clients in the Tolling Industry


Since A10’s founding, we have had a presence in the tolling industry. Our vast knowledge of the tolling landscape has enabled us to form strong relationships with key decision-makers across the country. A10 represents a tolling company that developments and deploys advanced tolling and mobility solutions across the United States. Through our presence in Indiana, A10 has worked with state and industry tolling officials for numerous years. A10 believes that trust is built over time and not overnight; in countless conversations between our client and the tolling leaders in Indiana, our client demonstrated how its technology would improve the toll road for Hoosiers.

The Indiana Toll Road (ITR) became private in 2006 when Indiana officials agreed to lease the 157-mile toll road to private investors for $3.8 billion. ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) manages the ITR. ITRCC signed a multi-year contract with our client to design, build, implement, and maintain a new Toll Collection System for the ITR. The new Toll Collection System will provide the ITR with a reliable and high-performing method of collecting tolls. Our client will also update ITR’s roadside equipment and provide new Automated Toll Payment Machines. In addition, our client will install contactless, cash-free payment machines, which will accept payments via smartphones and smartwatches and via credit and debit cards with tap to pay options. The new toll collection system will provide customers with a streamlined tolling and travel experience.

A10 is always proud when a client is successful, but as our firm has long been operating in the tolling industry, we are particularly pleased when our clients achieve their goals in the tolling industry.