A10 Can Help with Your Immigration Needs


The United States is home to countless immigrants. However, obtaining citizenship or green cards has become a confusing and challenging process. A10 assists businesses and families in obtaining the necessary immigration paperwork needed. Our team at A10 is experienced and well-versed in guiding clients through the immigration process.

A large multinational client of A10’s needed to expedite immigration paperwork for workers who needed to be in the United States in order to complete a time-sensitive project. Our client’s workers were denied entry into the United States, but A10 worked with our client, the workers, and the United State Government to remedy the situation and allow our client’s workers to enter the country.

A10 also works with individual families struggling through America’s difficult immigration process. A10 is particularly proud of our work in helping families. For example, one of A10’s client’s spouse had been stuck in limbo with the United States Immigration Agency. The spouse has lived in the United States for many years and had started a family in America but was constantly worried about their immigration status. A10 was able to advocate on behalf of the spouse to members of Congress to expedite the spouse’s application process.

Through our many years of immigration work, A10 has developed the blueprint needed to speed up a confusing and challenging process successfully.