Obtaining A Government QPA for Longterm Company Success

Company Success

Governments buy a lot of stuff. According to one study, every year, one out of every three dollars governments spend goes toward purchasing. One of A10’s many specialties is government procurement work. As Covid began to spread across the country, all levels of government were looking to procure the necessary personal protection equipment (PPE). A10 identified a gap in the marketplace for PPE in Indiana and worked with our client to earn a Quantity Purchase Agreement (QPA) with the state to provide isopropyl alcohol for vehicle disinfectant. Our client obtained the QPA for four years.

A QPA is a contract for repetitively purchased services or products that result from a competitive solicitation process. A QPA strengthens Indiana’s purchasing power by consolidating purchases from across the state from all Agencies, incentivizing the vendor to provide the best price possible. A QPA also creates efficiencies within the State government as the competitive sourcing method has already been completed.

Positioning our client as a trusted partner with the state and obtaining a QPA has significant benefits. For instance, if a state agency needs an item available on a QPA but would like to purchase the item from a different vendor, the agency must have a written exception approval from the appropriate Vendor Contract Manager or be 10 percent less expensive.

Our client is well-positioned to service the needs of any Indiana agency, and a QPA contract provides them with an advantage to meet its business goals.