Cleaning Up The Interstate, One State at a Time


Unfortunately, litter along interstates is still a problem that affects not only the environment but also the reputation of an area. Roadways are a community’s front porch, and a dirty interstate can leave drivers unimpressed by a particular city.

One of A10’s clients, Interstate Business Solutions (IBS), has developed a unique business to ensure that our roads stay litter-free while providing employment opportunities to individuals facing employment challenges. IBS got its start in Indiana, working with the Indiana Department of Transportation (DOT). Since working with the Indiana DOT in 2019, IBS has collected over 4,500,000 pounds of litter. Further, IBS has employed over 350 people, the majority of whom were formerly incarcerated and experiencing homelessness.

Expansion and Growth in New Markets

With A10’s assistance, IBS has begun to expand to other states. A10 and IBS identified Ohio as a new potential market for the company. A10 and IBS worked with Ohio policymakers to highlight the need for a dedicated litter cleanup campaign.

The Ohio DOT saw the need to clean up its roadways and soon issued a Request for Procurement (RFP), and A10 worked with IBS to respond to the RFP. The Ohio DOT agreed with IBS’s approach and awarded the company a multimillion-dollar contract to clean up the state’s roadways!

Creating A New Future for Some
In winning the RFP, IBS will create 80 new jobs throughout Ohio. Many of these new jobs will go to individuals who are just leaving the Ohio Corrections Department and in need of employment.

IBS works with all new employees to ensure that they have a bank account and assists these new employees in obtaining a driver’s license or any other life skills they may need. Further, IBS will invest a large sum of money in setting up operations in the state, resulting in additional economic development for Ohio.

A10 is proud to support our client’s expansion in a new market that will benefit our clients and help beautify Ohio’s highways.