The Ripple Effect of Relationships and Fueling Dreams

networking fundraising

When it comes to fundraising, every dollar makes a difference towards positive change and the power of strategic relationships should never be overlooked. As a leading government and public relations firm, A10 Associates understands the impact that our network connections can achieve because we’ve seen the successes firsthand.

This Success Story all began with a nonprofit client that is passionately dedicated to the cause of ending poverty and guiding women and families on a 12–24-month self-fulfilling journey of learning, training, and success. Concurrently, another client of ours made a commitment to creating positive changes in the world and was seeking impactful ways to contribute. Hearing these overlapping needs and interests, we saw an opportunity to make an introduction which could foster collaboration.

The two organizations had an immediate rapport, facilitated by A10’s established reputation, and a foundation of trust and credibility was immediately initiated. The synergy was powerful, and it led to a momentous outcome: a significant donation to the nonprofit which would drive forward their programs for the next year.

This introduction was not only important to us because it was two of our clients; but also, because our CEO also sits on the board of this nonprofit. This strategic involvement solidified the relationship of our firm and the cause we are championing, showcasing our commitment far beyond mere introductions.

A simple donation can create a ripple effect and resonate throughout an entire organization or community. The A10 Associates team values having the ability to use our network as a steppingstone for the empowerment and growth of others thru our strategic relationships.

If you have a story that would benefit from the ripple effect, we look forward to hearing from you. Contact Jessica Tocco via email at [email protected].