Lobbying to Protect Medical Small Business Owners and Professionals in NH

lobbying medical groups

A10 Associates has been working with an association representing medical spas in New Hampshire over the last few years and we are proud of the progress made so far. Our primary mission has been to allow all medical professionals to provide great medical care without oppressive additional costs and complicated registrations. As the profession is comprised of mostly small businesses and are often women-owned operations, the legislation being proposed in 2022 and 2023 stood as a significant threat to their livelihoods.

As a government relations firm, we often reach out to legislators to provide them with valuable background information to make the best possible decisions for their constituents. Through the expertise and experience of our clients, valuable insights can be exchanged which provide a greater understanding of the industry as a whole and those working in it.

Our team took the opportunity to meet with legislators and attended hearings at the New Hampshire State Capitol to ensure that our client’s concerns were heard and made it known when legislation was not beneficial for the industry. In the end, several bills were shut down and new legislation is being constructed which is fair for the entire industry.

Having aesthetic treatments led by medical professionals will always be important for the general public so that clients can receive the best possible treatment from qualified individuals. We appreciate all the legislators in New Hampshire who have listened to our clients, and other industry professionals, as we all work to protect those working in the field of aesthetic medicine.

If your organization is in need of a bigger voice in the legislature, we invite you to reach out to our CEO Jessica Tocco at [email protected] to set up a 30-minute discovery call.