Legislative Success: A Testimony to Strategic Lobbying

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In the dynamic world of lobbying, A10 Associates stands out as a beacon of success, particularly in the realm of federal, state, and local lobbying. Specializing in sectors that shape our future—technology, infrastructure, and transportation—A10 Associates has established itself as a formidable force in navigating the complex and often overwhelming landscape of federal lobbying. At the helm is Jessica Tocco, whose expertise and strategic vision have positioned A10 and its clients for unparalleled success.


Specialized to Achieve Maximum Results

A10 Associates is not just a lobbying firm; it’s a strategic partner for subject matter experts across critical sectors. Under the leadership of Jessica Tocco, CEO, A10 Associates has carved out a niche in the highly competitive arena of government relations, focusing on areas that are pivotal to our country’s growth and well-being.

The sectors of technology, infrastructure, and transportation are at the core of A10 Associates’ expertise. By aligning with clients who are leaders in these fields, A10 leverages deep industry knowledge to influence policy and legislative outcomes that foster innovation and progress.


Navigating the Complex World of Federal Lobbying

Federal lobbying presents many challenges, with the process of influencing legislation often seeming insurmountable. In 2023, a year when Congress passed only 27 bills,, the hurdles for impacting policy were higher than ever.

The daunting task of making a legislative impact is a challenge that A10 Associates eagerly accepts. With a strategic approach that covers both government relations and strategic communications and an unwavering commitment to clients, A10 navigates these waters with precision and expertise.

Identifying Key Legislative Opportunities

Jessica Tocco’s leadership is characterized by a keen understanding of the legislative landscape and a visionary approach to client positioning. Recognizing the importance of subject matter expertise, Tocco has masterfully guided A10 Associates in making significant legislative impacts. By focusing on areas where clients’ expertise can make a real difference, A10 has been able to influence policy discussions and outcomes effectively.

A10 Associates’ approach to lobbying is both strategic and action oriented. By engaging directly with members of Congress and focusing on issues of paramount importance, A10 has been able to make significant strides in legislative advocacy. Because the team identified and met with offices focused on relevant issues, A10 facilitated meaningful discussions that led to legislative progress.

One notable success story involves A10’s work with a client specializing in PFAS testing in waterways. Under Jessica Tocco’s guidance, A10 effectively communicated the client’s findings to Congress, significantly impacted the drafting and ultimately led to the endorsement of legislation.


Creating Meaningful Legislative Outcomes

The legislative successes achieved by A10 Associates and its clients are a testament to the firm’s strategic approach to lobbying. By effectively positioning clients as subject matter experts and engaging in targeted advocacy, A10 has contributed to meaningful legislative outcomes.

A10 Associates represents the future of lobbying—a future where strategic vision, subject matter expertise, and targeted engagement converge to make a tangible impact on policy and legislation. Under the leadership of Jessica Tocco, A10 continues to pave the way for success in the realm of government relations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets A10 Associates apart from other lobbying firms?

A10 Associates distinguishes itself through its specialized focus on technology, infrastructure, and transportation sectors, combined with a strategic approach to lobbying which includes government relations and strategic communications. Unlike many firms that spread their efforts thinly across numerous areas, the A10 Associates team zeroes in on specific industries where it can leverage profound subject matter expertise. This expertise, coupled with CEO Jessica Tocco’s visionary leadership and the team’s proactive engagement with lawmakers, enables A10 to navigate the complex legislative landscape more effectively and achieve tangible results for its clients.

How does A10 Associates leverage subject matter expertise in its lobbying efforts?

A10 Associates integrates subject matter expertise into its lobbying efforts by closely collaborating with clients who are leaders in their fields. This collaboration involves gathering comprehensive data, research findings, and industry insights to inform policy discussions. By presenting well-researched and compelling evidence to policymakers, A10 ensures that the voices of its clients are not only heard but also respected and considered in legislative processes. This approach has proven instrumental in influencing policy decisions and crafting legislation that reflects the latest industry standards and practices.

What are some of the key sectors A10 Associates specializes in?

A10 Associates specializes in key sectors that are pivotal to both economic growth and societal well-being, including technology, infrastructure, and transportation. By focusing on these areas, A10 positions itself at the forefront of legislative advocacy where innovation, sustainability, and public safety intersect. This specialization allows the A10 team to not only understand the unique challenges and opportunities within these sectors but also to advocate effectively for policies that promote advancement, regulatory clarity, and investment in these critical areas of development.

What advice does A10 Associates have for businesses looking to influence policy?

We advise businesses looking to influence policy to understand the legislative landscape and identify how their expertise can contribute to meaningful policy discussions first deeply. Jessica emphasizes the importance of building genuine relationships with policymakers, being transparent about objectives, and presenting data-driven evidence to support their positions. She also recommends staying adaptable and responsive to the dynamic nature of policy making, advising businesses to be prepared to pivot their strategies, as necessary. Lastly, she underscores the value of patience and persistence, noting that influencing policy is a marathon, not a sprint, and success often comes from sustained effort and engagement. If you have a challenge you need help tackling, we would love to hear from you.