Helping our Clients Emerge Victorious from Crisis Situations

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During uncertain times, effective crisis management is key. When an unexpected, unprecedented event occurs, it can disrupt an organization’s daily operations and even threaten public safety.

Whether a crisis involves a pandemic, natural disaster, or another threatening event, one thing is certain – organizations need a team on their side. A10 Associates was there for companies, serving as an effective voice and engaging government at all levels.


A10 Prevented the Loss of 100 Jobs

During the COVID-19 outbreak, A10 Associates worked with a client in the Midwest U.S. who is a vendor to a state government providing essential services. The client was notified that the state would not be paying them due to the COVID-19 virus. If the state did not pay the company, the corporation would have to lay off over 100 employees across the state.

Our team quickly engaged with senior leadership in the state and notified them of the situation at hand. Working closely with multiple different state agencies, A10 Associates was able to solve the problem for our client in under 48 hours, making sure their contract would continue to be paid. Most importantly, the company did not have to let any employees go.


Mobilizing Government Agencies to Maintain Services

In an eastern state, an A10 Associates client in the financial service sector that operates in multiple different states was facing a temporary closure of its facility. If the company had to shutter operations, the effect would have been felt across the country, as many people rely on this company.

A10 quickly mobilized and worked with the state government leaders to allow the company to continue operating as long as public health guidelines would be followed. The company has been able to continue operating, providing critical services to people throughout the country.


Experience in Crisis Communications

Our team specializes in crisis communications – this was extremely crucial in our successful work with these states. Communication during a pandemic – messaging for lay-offs, deaths on worksites, financial blowouts, court and legal communications – is vital to saving companies and jobs.

During a crisis situation, getting people back to work and able to build when regulations are confusing are constantly changing is what we take pride in doing. The key is to work quickly, which we certainly did. A10 worked diligently to move fast through government and regulatory solutions and ultimately save the day for thousands of people.


Providing Results in a Time of Need

Our team helped save jobs in many Eastern US states during the COVID-19 outbreak by working fast. Our bipartisan network of experts knows how to identify and engage key stakeholders across state, municipal, federal, and international arenas to get things done fast and deliver winning results for our clients. A10 Associates has the succinct ability to guide your organization through new, unpredictable terrains.