EV Industry Clients Mentioned in White House Announcement

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Recently two clients committed to the EV industry and U.S. manufacturing who are working directly with the White House were mentioned in the White House announcement on new standards and major progress for a Made-In-America national network of electric vehicle chargers. This announcement outlined the Biden-Harris Administration’s latest sets of actions aimed at creating a convenient and reliable network of electric vehicle chargers that are made in America. These steps will help President Biden meet his goals to confront the climate crisis by building a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers while advancing the domestic EV and EV charging industry. Good-paying manufacturing and installation jobs will be created along the way.

The Made in America agenda has sent a strong signal to the EV and EV charging market that federal dollars will be spent on products that are produced and sourced in the United States. Producers are now making investments to establish new headquarters, facilities, or production lines to build the next generation of EV chargers in the United States. This in turn has caused the United States to now surpass China and other countries for the first time in private sector investment of EVs and related infrastructure. Two of the companies listed are A10’s clients.

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FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces New Standards and Major Progress for a Made-in-America National Network of Electric Vehicle Chargers | The White House