Encouraging Dialogue at Federal Levels

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Government relations firms like A10 Associates play a crucial role when it comes to creating effective channels of communication between industries and lawmakers. One strategy we utilize is proactively engaging with Senate committee members in advance of hearings. This approach has multiple benefits: the committee members better understand what will be covered and can discuss pertinent topics when speaking with experts, and both the Senate and the American public are more well-informed to make decisions.


Recently, the A10 team was approached to assist an airline facing hiring and personnel challenges. Changes in FAA safety regulations and budgeting caused this airline’s business to come to a grinding halt as they waited for staffing to be resolved and updates rolled out. Instead of this small business going under, our firm reached out to a Senator in the client’s home state and strategically addressed these issues, resulting in important questions being raised during Senate hearings. This shed light on the airline’s concerns and its broader implications for job opportunities.


It’s important that government relations firms can bridge the gap between industries and government bodies so that transparency and accountability are upheld. When a Senator actively advocates for a company’s concerns, it demonstrates the alignment of public policy with economic progress. These partnerships are a catalyst for well-rounded policy discussions and more thorough discussions during hearings.


If your business has a concern that needs to be brought before a larger audience or considerations that could impact regulations, A10 Associates is here to navigate the way. Reach out to CEO Jessica Tocco via email at [email protected].