Celebrating 5 Years of Success: This Government Relation Firm’s Remarkable Journey

celebrating 5 years

As A10 Associates celebrates this significant milestone of five years in the government relations industry, we also want to express our gratitude. Looking back on our journey over the last five years and our humble beginnings, we are proud to see our team in its current position as a bi-partisan force in the sector.


  • We Appreciate Our Clients
    First and foremost, we thank our longstanding clients whose unwavering support and trust in our capabilities have been the bedrock of our success. Your belief in the A10 team has propelled us to always do our best in every circumstance and deliver exceptional results. We are excited about the future and all the ongoing partnerships we will nurture.
  • Powerful Growth
    From just a handful of clients at our start, A10 Associates has experienced amazing growth over the last five years, and we proudly serve several dozen clients over our three funnels of focus: technology, transportation, and infrastructure. Because of our client growth, we have also been able to grow our team, both internally and externally, to continue to offer the highest possible level of service. We have also expanded our service portfolio beyond government relations, to also include public relations and marketing services.
  • Consistent Recognition on the BGOV List
    It is such an honor to have been recognized for our expertise and influence by making the BGOV list all five years in business. Our team is fully committed to continuing our steadfast dedication to our work and continuing to shape the industry.
  • Largest Bi-Partisan Women-Owned Lobbying Firm
    One of our most cherished accomplishments is the recognition we’ve received as the largest women-owned lobbying firm both by revenues and by number of clients. We are so excited to be breaking down barriers and leading the charge for women in our industry, especially during Women’s Small Business Month. With 42% of all U.S. businesses being women-owned, it’s clear that women play a pivotal role in the business world, and we are proud to be a source of inspiration for those who wish you pursue their entrepreneurial goals.
  • Nationwide Expansion
    Although we started with just one office, we are blessed to now have multiple offices across the country where we can serve our clients and engage with policymakers at various levels of the government.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude, pride, and a renewed sense of purpose, as we reminisce about all that has happened in the last five years. Our success is dependent on our devoted team, loyal clients, and the opportunities we’ve created that have made a meaningful impact. We appreciate your continued support as we look forward to the future.