A10’s Persistence Pays Off: Flight Instructor Recertified After Two-Year Ordeal

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Over the past two years, a flight dispatch school in Cincinnati faced challenges with their primary flight instructor’s recertification flight test, which was mandated by the FAA following an increase in flight safety standards in 2020. Unfortunately, due to layoffs within the FAA during the pandemic, the flight instructor’s certification ride was repeatedly delayed and eventually canceled without any justification. As a result, Flamingo Air’s main certified flight instructor was unable to fulfill his duties or fly for a period of 27 weeks, as the FAA did not issue his 141 recertification ride.
To resolve this issue, A10 engaged with multiple offices within the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s Aviation Subcommittee, as well as individuals within the FAA. Through extensive conversations and confirmation of the FAA’s oversight, A10 collaborated with Senator Vance’s team from Ohio to address the problem. As a result of these efforts, the flight instructor at the flight dispatch school has finally received his 141 checkride and has officially been recertified after enduring a two-year wait.