A10’s Expertise Leads to $1.5 Billion COVID Vaccination Contract for Client, Cementing Reputation as Healthcare Industry Partner

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#A10successstory this week takes us back to our remarkable efforts during COVID. Our client, with a solid 30-year track record in FEMA and Disaster Relief, has secured a prestigious contract valued at over $1.5 billion. They have been chosen as one of four vendors to administer covid vaccinations to DHS employees for the next six years. A10 played a crucial role in this achievement, not only assisting the client in winning the contract but also executing it with the active involvement of stakeholders across the agency.

By leveraging our expertise, we helped them secure a game-changing contract that positions them at the forefront of covid vaccination efforts. Our collaborative approach and agency-wide coordination ensured a seamless execution of this contract, cementing our client’s reputation as a trusted partner in the healthcare industry.

A10 Associates played a pivotal role in our client’s success, delivering results and cultivating connections with influential stakeholders.