It’s a Wrap: A10 Associate’s Participation at eMerge Americas 2024 in Miami, FL


The eMerge Americas conference, held annually in Miami, FL, is a pivotal event that brings together tech innovators, investors, and industry leaders from across the globe. This year, A10 Associates had the opportunity to attend and sponsor this energetic gathering. The event was a showcase of new technologies and provided a platform for discussing the future of tech industries like AI, healthtech, and fintech.

About eMerge Americas

eMerge Americas serves as a beacon for technology enthusiasts and professionals worldwide, offering insight into the latest developments and future trends in technology. It features a series of discussions across six revolutionary stages, with each focusing on different aspects of technology and innovation.

The conference spotlighted several critical sectors:

  • AI and Quantum Computing: These sessions provided deep insights into advanced computing technologies’ technical and business impacts.
  • Healthtech and Fintech: These discussions focused on how tech is revolutionizing the finance and health industries.
  • Startups and Innovation: Showcasing new companies and groundbreaking ideas.

Miami is fast becoming a central hub for global technology. Its vibrant ecosystem and strategic tropical location provide the perfect backdrop for international collaboration and tech growth. This positioning enhances the city’s appeal as a host for an event like eMerge Americas.

A10’s eMerge Americas Wrap Up

A10’s involvement in the eMerge Americas conference was multifaceted and insightful. Here’s how we engaged:

  1. Technology Insights: We gained valuable perspectives on market trends, including in quantum computing and AI technologies which had a heavy focus in this event.
  2. Networking and Connections: The conference was an excellent venue for forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones. The realization that “this world is small” was palpable as paths crossed with familiar faces in new settings.
  3. Panel Discussion Highlights: Our CEO, Jessica Tocco, led a compelling panel on sustainability and growth that explored the role of advanced technologies in driving economic growth while addressing environmental challenges. This session allowed our clients to showcase their expertise and enhance their brand visibility, contributing significantly to the dialogue on sustainable technological solutions.
  4. Women’s Empowerment: Embracing bold themes, including the choice of vibrant colors like pink on stage, symbolized our commitment to empowering women in tech, government and beyond.
  5. Political Discussions: As a bipartisan lobbying firm, the importance of understanding the political landscape was a key topic of our discussions, particularly pertinent during an election year.
  6. Engaging with the Youth: Interacting with local students and young professionals provided insights into the aspirations and potential of the next generation of tech leaders.
  7. Miami’s Vibrant Culture: First-time visitors from our team experienced the city’s dynamic culture and diverse culinary scene, adding an enjoyable dimension to the visit.
  8. The Energy of Innovation: The enthusiasm and drive of countless innovators and entrepreneurs at the conference were truly inspiring.
  9. The A10 Team: Our team’s dedication was evident in every aspect of the conference, from organizing to networking. Their hard work significantly enhanced our collective experience.

Participating in the eMerge Americas conference provided A10 with significant benefits, including knowledge acquisition, new connections, and a reinforced presence in the global tech scene. Our active participation, particularly in hosting a panel on the second day, underscored our commitment to technological and environmental advancements.

FAQ’s About A10 Associates at eMerge Americas

  1. How does your team leverage its experience at events like eMerge Americas to enhance its government relations and strategic communications services? Attending events like eMerge Americas allows the A10 Associates team to stay at the forefront of technological and sustainable advancements, which is crucial for informed lobbying and effective communication strategies. By engaging directly with innovators and thought leaders, we gather actionable insights and emerging trends that help us advise and strategize for our clients more effectively. This firsthand knowledge enhances our advocacy efforts, ensuring that our clients’ voices are heard at the right levels to influence policy and decision-making.
  2. What specific strategies does A10 Associates employ to align its lobbying efforts with the latest trends in technology and sustainability discussed at eMerge Americas? A10 integrates the latest trends into our lobbying efforts by highlighting these technologies’ benefits in terms of economic growth and environmental impact. We use data and case studies from cutting-edge technologies discussed at conferences like eMerge Americas to demonstrate their potential and practicality to policymakers. This approach helps bridge the gap between technological innovation and legislative understanding, facilitating more informed policy development.
  3. During the panel discussions at eMerge Americas, how did A10 facilitate its clients’ involvement to maximize their impact on technology policy and sustainability initiatives? A10 Associates strategically positioned our clients to lead discussions on panels that align with their expertise and legislative goals. For instance, during the “Advanced Technologies: Powering the Economy While Healing Our Earth” panel, we facilitated our client’s innovative recycling technologies and sustainable technologies. This not only showcased their leadership in sustainable practices but also set the stage for future engagements with policymakers interested in reducing carbon footprints.