Expansion of Tolling Solutions in the US



Safety and traffic flow are factors that determine whether people keep using certain roads. Our client has reimagined tolling and roadside solutions to integrate vehicles, infrastructure, and people into one, seamless mobility experience. Their main goal is to develop and deliver solutions to mobility services operators. With hundreds of contracts across Europe, our client was looking to expand their operations to the United States. That’s where the team at A10 Associates came in.

Our Work

Fuel tax revenue has funded most of the highway construction and upkeep that has taken place over the past 80 years. But the usage of fossil fuel has taken a huge dive in the past few decades, due to an increased demand for sustainability. While fuel efficiency is a good thing, it is detrimental to fuel tax revenue, which has suffered a huge loss since 2000. So, who pays for pay for new roads and road improvements if the federal government doesn’t want to pay for them?

Our country has exhausted revenues without tax increases. The only way to make up for the losses is to toll roads that are used, and society must pay for their upkeep. Society has a lot of concerns about tolling: the possibility of traffic jams at toll booths, payment being inconvenient, or sharing of personal information. Plus, toll booths may not be efficient or properly enforced.

Our client’s state-of-the-art Automatic Toll Payment Machines offer versatile configurations, multiple payment methods, and low operation costs, combining security and high-performance. The company connects every player within mobility networks, managed by public authorities and other mobility-as-a-service providers, ensuring everyone wins.

Altogether, this mobility ecosystem improves the life of the travelling citizen. Our client’s products allow mobility operators to achieve their business and operational goals, while citizens lives are made easier by the complete integration of their travel needs. Using their expertise from several points in the globe with over 40 years of experience, the company’s best-in-class technologies push mobility forward.

When integrating foreign companies into the U.S. marketplace, it’s important to have a unique approach to International Business Development. The team members of A10 Associates have lived overseas and worked in international business and diplomatic circles. These experiences have shaped our approach to seamlessly represent our clients’ goals.

A10 Associates conducted market studies that emphasized the political realities our client would face in each state in order to determine the most strategic allocation of the company’s resources in order to expand state-by-state. Our team consistently filters data and insight to make informed decisions that benefit our client’s financial bottom line.


With existing contracts in Virginia, Colorado, Illinois, and North Carolina, we successfully integrated our client into another state, providing access to the state’s Department of Transportation, the Governor’s Administration and relevant transportation committees so that our client remains a well-known presence amongst decision makers and can continue to identify additional targets.