Constructing State Policies for A Civil Engineering Firm



Our client, a US midwestern state, has thousands of bridges in acute need of repair and/or replacement. Our client has the solutions to fix these bridges. The company utilizes Folded Steel Plate Girder technology designed specifically for Accelerated Bridge Construction. The system is simple and economical to build, can be constructed with fewer field personnel, and opened to traffic quicker.

Bridges, along with highways, are the backbone of the US transportation system. They serve as the country’s central artery of commerce, and they are extremely important to travel. When properly executed, transportation infrastructure investment results in improved public health, raised economic growth, and increased land value, among other benefits.

Our client is a full-service engineering firm on the cornerstone of innovation and alternative delivery solutions. Dedicated to innovative ideas and approaches, our client understands that transportation is a critical aspect of the US economy. They help companies meet project schedules and handle specific needs with the newest innovations, approaches, and technologies in the industry. Every one of their clients has access to the resources and capabilities of the entire organization through any of their regional headquarters or local offices.

Our Work

The A10 Associates team worked on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the real estate and construction industries. Working closely with our client, A10 Associates identified local sourcing partners in their state and influenced state policy. We connected them with local steel and cement sources, as well as with representatives from the State Department of Transportation.

Our experts are in tune with what motivates stakeholders nationwide across state capitals. A10 Associates favors a market-based approach to inform our clients’ national public affairs strategies and engage state and local decision makers nationwide. Networking and relationships are important for project origination, and A10 Associates delivers exceptional results in these areas.

Our team developed winning procurement strategies that have proven successful in generating millions of dollars in additional revenue to our clients. We strive to identify and capture funding streams and secure government contracts at the municipal, state, and federal levels. We were able to do all of this and more for our US midwestern state client.

We recruit, build, and empower powerful coalitions to educate decision makers, and ultimately advance your organization’s legislative goals. A10 has the experience to recruit, build, and empower powerful coalitions to educate decision makers and gain power in numbers.


We successfully integrated our client into the local economy so that they could sell directly to the state. Additionally, we guided our client through congested legislative circles so that they could influence state policy in a way that is more open to bridge bundling and expansion.

Our team applied a market-based approach that supplements traditional lobbying practices with market-driven business practices and strategic public relations and communications campaigns. This approach has proven successful in generating profitable public and private partnerships throughout the country. In this case, we assisted our client in landing more federally subsidized infrastructure projects. Through our innovative guidance, our client saw advancements in their legislative goals.