Developing Policy for College and Retirement Savings Service Provider



Our client is the largest privately held college and retirement savings programing in the United States. It is ranked number one in 529 asset management and has successfully integrated into dozens of state IRA programs.

Among the largest independent retirement and college savings services providers in the US, the company also works as a brokerage (acting as the intermediary between buyers and sellers of financial securities).

The goal of our client is to help people prepare for their future and make a difference in financial lives. Their mission is straightforward and effective, and the company has several IRAs, HSAs, and 529 plans, and their very own 401k plan.

Our client connects participants and employers with investment providers and financial advisors that help clients make better decisions. The company also provides continued support for both employers and employees.

Our Work

A10 Associates developed and led grassroots coordination among state leaders around federal policy to enhance the profile of state auto-IRA programs.

What are state auto-IRA programs? Well, in a nutshell, they are the key to financial self-sufficiency. These days, not many workers save for retirement unless they get a retirement plan from their job. This is typically in the form of a 401(k). Another problem is that only 50% of private sector workers currently have access to these types of plans. The federal government does not wish to get involved in closing this coverage gap. Because of this, state government officials have decided to step in.

While some states such as Maryland, Oregon, and California have passed laws requiring employers without a retirement plan to automatically enroll their workers in a state-sponsored program of Individual Retirement Accounts. The problem? The programs must be paid for by themselves since they would be administered by private sector companies.

A recent study showed that a federal auto-IRA program would significantly reduce the U.S. retirement savings shortfall, especially among young workers. In fact, research shows that a national auto-IRA program would diminish the retirement savings deficit by over $450 billion.

Our clients benefit from insider insight and deep relationships across the aisle both in Washington, D.C. and nationwide. Our experts carefully weigh political, geographic and economic considerations when devising strategies that engage policy makers and find common ground between all political parties.

Developing and leading grassroots coordination among state leaders around federal policy isn’t easy. The A10 Associates team understands that we are the force behind grassroots. In order to make changes in society that benefit everyone, we must have community participation.

We continue to assist our client in expanding its public sector offerings and to targeted agencies nationwide.


Since partnering with A10 Associates, our client has secured contracts and successfully integrated into a number of state auto-IRA programs. These programs are on their way to becoming an important part of our country’s saving landscape. We continue to monitor federal regulations around such programs, ensuring no pre-emption that may complicate matters for the industry.