CDR Maguire: COVID-19 Response on Behalf of Florida


The logistical challenges faced by state and local governments nationally as a result of  the COVID-19 crisis are immense.  Scarcity of personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies, along with fierce competition between states and healthcare providers, caused many entities to look for alternative methods to secure vital goods and services to keep their citizens safe.

Given our expertise in helping organizations prepare for and recover from disasters, CDR Maguire aided the State of Florida in management and logistics of local test sites and to oversee its field hospitals, securing viral kits, lab services, critical medical supplies and PPE. As witnessed around the country, private companies – especially emergency management experts like CDR Maguire – stepped in to increase the bandwidth of local and state governments in securing these critical items.

This situation was outlined loud and clear in a recent article appearing the New England Journal of Medicine. The Chief Physician Executive of a Massachusetts’ hospital wrote: “Protecting our caregivers is essential so that these talented professionals can safely provide compassionate care to our patients. Yet we continue to be stymied by a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the cavalry does not appear to be coming. Our supply-chain group has worked around the clock to secure gowns, gloves, face masks, goggles, face shields, and N95 respirators. These employees have adapted to a new normal, exploring every lead, no matter how unusual. Deals, some bizarre and convoluted, and many involving large sums of money, have dissolved at the last minute when we were outbid or outmuscled, sometimes by the federal government. Then we got lucky, but getting the supplies was not easy.”

Assisting communities plan for and recover from disasters, particularly in Florida, is at the heart of our business. Since 2013, we have helped Florida communities recover from some of the most devastating hurricanes including Matthew, Irma and Michael. CDR Maguire has provided full-service emergency management and construction support services to local and state governments across the U.S. for over 60 years.

As it became clear that widespread testing was essential in controlling COVID-19, rather than waiting for the traditional procurement process to unfold as the virus surged, CDR Maguire advanced the funding necessary to procure viral kits and labs services along with PPE and medical supplies to assist the State of Florida’s logistics team.

Because of our national network of resources, CDR Maguire was able to pivot quickly to mobilize and deliver boots-on-the-ground assistance for Florida, immediately. We traveled to a supplier in Virginia to obtain test kits (100,000 and counting). We then engaged a lab to provide efficient and speedy testing, 3 to 4 days turnaround rather than the 7 to 10 days the State was experiencing.

“CDR Maguire is continuing its efforts to support our community during the COVID-19 crisis and we will continue to do so until this health crisis subsides,” said Carlos Duart, President of CDR Maguire. “In addition to our logistical support, we will continue to offer and provide critical resources to expand the State’s testing capabilities and ensure rapid turnaround times for its citizens.”