A Helping Hand During a Difficult Crisis


When a crisis happens, A10 assists our clients in developing and implanting crisis communications plans that ensure our client’s brand is protected. Our team at A10 is experienced and well-versed in guiding clients through difficult situations. In addition, A10 understands what needs to be done immediately following a crisis. A10 represents clients across several industries, including the construction industry, where accidents routinely happen and, unfortunately, can result in fatalities.

Sadly, one of our construction clients had a fatal accident on a project site and required crisis communication assistance. A10 immediately sprang into action and worked with our client to control the narrative and ensure the media were reporting the facts correctly. Through press releases, fact-checking reporters, getting stories retracted or changed, and speaking with elected officials, A10 worked around the clock to assist our client. A10 continued to work with the media even after the accident’s immediate aftermath. As a result, A10 was able to guide our client through what could have been a nightmare to remain relatively unharmed.

Through our many years of assisting clients of all sizes through catastrophes, A10 has developed the blueprint needed to protect our client’s brand and bottom line.