7 Reflections After Our Recent Corporate Retreat


The A10 Associates team recently wrapped up our Corporate Retreat in sunny South Florida and it was the perfect time for team building and revelations. Our amazing team is typically spread across the United States serving our clients and building relationships. But during this week, we were blessed to all come together so that our associates could build stronger relationships, new team members could be brought up to speed, and we could present our clients with new business networking opportunities.

Here are a few things that were discovered and discussed during the A10 corporate retreat:

  1. We love this team – The A10 Associates team is a diverse group of professionals, primarily women, who bring their absolute best to every project they work on. Smart, thoughtful, and always ready to help bring projects over the finish line, our team is the driving force of A10.
  2. Core values are important – During the retreat, we spent some time focusing on the core values of A10 Associates and how to convey those values in all that we do.
  3. A10 has awesome clients – Not every firm gets to say that, but we love working with our clients in technology, infrastructure, and transportation to make their businesses more successful.  Exciting and interesting businesses that are changing lives with the products and services they provide make every day a new motivational experience for us.
  4. It’s nice to see faces without the screens – In today’s work environment, we often see our colleagues through a computer screen. When we get to be face-to-face, it’s fantastic to watch the interactions and see the ideas flowing.
  5. A10 Associates works like family – While we’re professional in all that we do as a bipartisan lobbying firm, we also treat our team members and our clients like family. We watch out for each other, work together to reach client goals, and share victories together.
  6. How far A10 has come – While our history in business only spans half a decade, our experience reaches far beyond. That level of knowledge and expertise shines through in all that the team creates.
  7. There’s always time for a little fun – Although the week was full of meetings and discussions to help this team grow and prosper, we were also invited to share in a few fun activities from dinner to team photos to beach time.

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